Store Clean Colorbond® and Zincalume® Steel During Installation

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When cutting steel at the construction site, appropriate methods must be used such as using scissors or an electric cutter with a metal blade (scissors can be used, although it is difficult to cut when the steel sheet has been corrugated). Do not use cutting discs or grinding wheels because they will create very hot iron filings that will damage the plating layer.


Don’t forget to clean every day. Chips and other metal debris, such as common rivets and screws, if deposited on Clean COLORBOND® and ZINCALUME® surfaces can cause rust and deterioration of the coating. Swarf (iron filings created when drilling, cutting, etc.) should be swept or blown away every day after finishing work.

Be careful not to blow dust from the roof into installed gutters. Don’t let iron filings accumulate in gutters. Accumulated iron filings must be thoroughly cleaned. This can be done easily. If not treated, the paint or plating layer may have to be removed later. To verify this, do a surface inspection after 2 weeks of installation that will see rain and vapor accumulation will turn the scraps into metal rust, which will see the damage on the surface more clearly than in other areas. has been thoroughly cleaned.

Steel plates should not slide over each other because it will cause surface scratches. Do not polish when the surface is scratched. The paint will be discolored and patchy. Small scratches are best left as is. If severely affected, you should replace the steel plate with a new one.

It is recommended never to use black pencil to mark Clean COLORBOND® Steel or ZINCALUME® Steel. Because black pencils are made of graphite, it will react with the steel plating layer, causing corrosion of the plating layer. Colored pencils can be used to make marks, but not black pencils and marks should be erased as soon as possible.

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