Some Experience When Taking Off Estimates

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Taking off an estimate is a job that requires high accuracy. Even a little mistake can cause the estimated value to be greatly distorted, so it requires you to be very careful and meticulous in each calculation. TRUSTBUILD would like to list some of the following experiences for you so that you can refer to them and use them in your budgeting process.

Read the drawing carefully

The drawing is the basis for calculating and taking off quantities, so the first thing you need to do is read the drawing carefully to understand the requirements of the project you are calculating. Understand the structure, architectural scale, structure, materials used and technological process that the designer applies, from which you can generalize for yourself the steps to take apart the estimate and the work that needs to be done. . “Knowing people know me – a hundred battles, a hundred wins”, isn’t it, guys?

Dissection according to construction order:

There are many ways to disassemble the estimate, but the dissection in the order of construction is the most reassuring. Breaking down the estimate according to the construction sequence helps us control the work items so there is no fear of losing volume.

Split complex shapes into simple shapes

You know, most construction structures are simple shapes such as squares, rectangles, boxes… and some structural parts are intersections of those shapes, so when calculating we should separate them. into simple shapes for calculation, so there will be no confusion about calculations.

Calculate according to a certain rule

When making a calculation, do you think about how you should calculate it or just do it? It’s okay to get results, but you should present them in a way that’s easy to understand and follow a consistent principle so that when people check or evaluate your estimate, they can know where you got the data. For example, when calculating volume, I often do it like this:

Volume = same part x length x width x height

Always have a calculation manual with you

Once you have formed this formula in your mind, when you read the profile, you will know what to do first, right?

Not everyone is genius enough to remember all the mathematical formulas or calculation tips. You should have a small notebook of commonly used calculation formulas or calculations that you find interesting, it will be your lifeline in many cases. For example, there are many people who don’t remember the 3-height formula (also known as the sand pile formula).

Good luck.

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