Clean Colorbond® Steel And Zincalume® Steel Care Before Installation

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Preserving and storing Clean COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel before installation is essential for the longevity of the product after roofing.

The storage and storage of Clean COLORBOND® and ZINCALUME® Steels before roofing is essential to ensure the longevity of the product after roofing. If not used immediately, the steel plates should be neatly folded or bundled and left to insulate the ground, shielding corners if necessary to prevent rain and moisture. Capillary action can also cause water to seep into the steel plates on the bundle or the rings on the steel coil. This can cause the steel to stain due to damp storage and reduce product life.

If any steel coil is wet, it must be removed immediately and a clean cloth should be used to wipe the damp surface. These steel plates must then be placed in a well-ventilated place to dry.

Moisture accumulating between Clean COLORBOND® steel sheets can temporarily soften the paint and may slightly alter the color of the finish. After drying, the paint will be as original.

Extreme care must be taken with the surface of the paint until it has dried and hardened as usual. Moisture between ZINCALUME® steel plates can cause staining or rusting.

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