Where to buy BlueScope cold iron at good prices?

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Bluescope cold corrugated iron has excellent corrosion resistance as well as excellent heat resistance many times more than other materials. With many outstanding advantages, Bluescope corrugated iron is the ideal material used in commercial, industrial or residential buildings, suitable for the Vietnamese environment.


Bluescope cold iron has a unique metallic luster with zinc-aluminum flakes. Bluescope cold sheet is covered with a layer of transparent Resin that protects the surface from scratches during transportation and also during corrugated ironing without the use of lubricants.


Bluescope cold sheet brings high efficiency, reasonable cost. With the high durability of Bluescope Cold Steel, the costs used for repair, maintenance or replacement are reduced. In addition, the quick and easy installation also reduces labor costs during construction. Bluescope cold sheet is an economic solution for every project.


BlueScope Steel Vietnam constantly improves production processes to bring customers the best quality products. BlueScope Steel’s leading products are manufactured using modern equipment that meets strict Australian standards. Plating layer AZ70, AZ100, Bluescope cold sheet is suitable for industrial & civil works.

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