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Transporting BlueScope corrugated iron and BlueScope steel to consumers requires a complex process, ensuring safety and not increasing pressure on traffic infrastructure. NS Bluescope is strongly committed to this issue with solutions. specific and practical methods.

Compliant from factory

In NS BlueScope’s development strategy, the values ​​of labor safety in production and construction, and responsibility to the local community through four areas: socio-economic contribution, compliance, and compliance are indispensable. comply with the law, business ethics and create common value.

For more than 20 years of operation in Vietnam, NS BlueScope has always complied with the law and placed itself in the role of accompanying and sharing responsibility with the community through its activities. The specific characteristics of NS BlueScope’s goods are corrugated iron and steel – large format, heavy tonnage items that require professional processes to ensure safety during the production, circulation, and transportation of goods.

NS BlueScope currently has 2 factories, including the factory producing corrugated iron and color-coated steel in Phu My 1 Industrial Park (Ba Ria – Vung Tau) and Bien Hoa (Dong Nai) with a total investment to date of over 120 million VND. million USD and is one of the large-scale factories in Southeast Asia. Therefore, right at the factories, loading and unloading of goods is carried out professionally, with strict procedures, ensuring safety according to the Group’s standards.

The packaging and delivery process at BlueScope Factory always strictly complies with safety regulations and ensures load capacity.

Accordingly, the transportation system of finished steel sheets from the production workshop to the means of transport is well-invested in accordance with the generally applied standards of the Group, using modern and rarely used transport machinery. labor. NS BlueScope’s representative said that the loading and unloading process is strictly implemented to ensure the safety and smoothness of the goods. In particular, after the goods are shipped from the factory and put on the means of transport, these vehicles are required to weigh the load to ensure the allowable load before leaving the factory.

Commitment to responsibility for protecting transportation infrastructure

As an enterprise producing goods, especially steel sheet with large product weight, NS BlueScope is aware of the importance, corporate responsibility to the community, compliance with the law in transportation of heavy goods, large format. Transporting corrugated iron to consumers requires a complex process, ensuring safety and without increasing pressure on the transport infrastructure. This problem is recognized by businesses right from the time of investment, production – business in Vietnam and soon have specific and practical solutions.

Specifically, NS BlueScope is committed not to carry oversized or overweight goods as prescribed. For example, NS BlueScope’s Zacs distribution system alone has more than 50 agents nationwide. To fulfill this commitment, NS BlueScope sometimes has to accept higher transportation costs than its competitors, causing high product prices, but customers still accept it because the product quality is truly guaranteed.

In addition to complying with strict regulations when delivering goods at factories, warehouses, packaging, etc., during the process of transporting finished products to dealers, NS BlueScope requires freight trucks to carry the correct load. regulations. At the same time, there are measures to ensure safety during transportation such as tying goods, covering them… to prevent goods from falling on the road, affecting the visibility and safety of other vehicles. participating in traffic.

For shippers who hire transport vehicles to pick up goods at the factory, NS BlueScope also recommends that they make commitments to carry the correct load and comply with legal regulations on safety when participating in traffic. Cargo drivers are arranged to rest, relax … while waiting for loading and unloading of goods and must not affect the safety process and load.

According to a representative of NS BlueScope Vietnam, to do this, shipping costs will increase, possibly affecting the profits of partners and customers. Therefore, the company has support policies so that they can both ensure the load capacity for cargo trucks when leaving the factory, participate in traffic safely and achieve the desired profit.

Committing to corporate responsibility to the community, especially in the field of goods transportation, is a difficult problem, but reality shows that NS BlueScope has achieved and maintained long-term effectiveness. It can be said that there are few businesses that voluntarily strictly comply with the law and protect road infrastructure like NS BlueScope. Complying with the law and being responsible for social issues has helped businesses develop sustainably in the market and make practical contributions to the community.

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