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For sustainable development and proactive international integration, Ton BlueScope not only focuses on creating profits but also brings a lot of value to the community and partners from production and business strategies.

Not competing by reducing quality, low selling price

The steel sheet market in Vietnam has recently developed very “hot” with many types, many prices, and diverse origins. However, the biggest concern is the increase in the import of cheap steel sheets from China. Even many types of imported steel sheet are cheaper than the production cost of domestic enterprises. Along with that, the market is flooded with steel sheets showing signs of commercial fraud such as counterfeiting, imitating famous brands but selling at low prices or having coatings that are not as announced to reduce costs…

Since its presence in the Vietnamese market, BlueScope Group has chosen its own direction, bringing a lot of value to customers, not competing with the trend of reducing quality, competing on price.

First of all, the production process at NS BlueScope Vietnam’s factory ensures products of consistent quality as at the group’s other factories around the world. According to the group’s regulations, the quality control process is closed, from input materials, production of products to consumers. Specifically, at the factory in Vietnam as well as elsewhere, 100% of products are quality checked according to Australian standards before delivery. From the input stage, if the materials do not meet the standards, BlueScope will never be put into production.

Therefore, in Vietnam market or many markets around the world, we manufacture and trade in color coated steel products with leading brands of BlueScope such as Colorbond®, Zacs®, Lysaght®, etc.

Not only providing customers with high quality products, BlueScope also gives customers many other values ​​in terms of quality that not all manufacturers can do. For example, right at NS BlueScope Vietnam’s factory, products are sampled for practical testing such as salt spray on the surface to test corrosion resistance, color fastness test, etc.

To effectively ensure product characteristics under each climatic condition, NS BlueScope performs actual exposure to test corrosion resistance in harsh marine environments, test UV levels or resistance to adhesion dust… The products produced at the factory are sampled to serve the warranty process provided to customers. NS BlueScope’s warranty policy is always superior to similar products on the market.

Make a difference, add value to customers

For more than 20 years in the Vietnamese market, BlueScope has applied many new, high-end and internationally copyrighted technologies to produce many quality products, creating differences and high value for customers. All NS BlueScope steel corrugated iron products meet Australian standards AS 2728 when circulating in the market. In addition to meeting Australian standards, NS BlueScope products also have international certification from the World Aluminum and Zinc Coating Association (BIEC).

For example, in the Vietnamese market BlueScope has researched and produced to market the high-quality color-coated steel product Colorbond® using Thermatech® heat-reflection technology to help increase heat reflection ability and reduce temperatures up to 6 degrees Celsius, thus helping to reduce power consumption and cooling the building. This product contributes to helping investors save operating costs and meet US LEED green building standards.

Specifically, the high-end paint system applied to Clean Colorbond® XPD color-coated steel products according to the famous PVDF paint systems Kynar 500® and Hylar 5000® helps make the project sustainable against corrosive agents in harsh environments.

Or the Lysaght Smartseam roofing system is a unique study for the market in Asian countries and especially in Vietnam with coastal geography and many storms. Projects using this product from NS BlueScope will be certified with FM Approvals (USA) to participate in insurance at a lower cost than similar products that do not meet FM Approvals certification.

In the civil corrugated iron market, BlueScope has built a nationwide distribution system of the BlueScope Zacs model to ensure the supply of goods of the right type and quality as announced. In addition, through the Zacs system, we provide professional services to ensure that corrugated iron roofing is constructed according to proper techniques, ensuring the longevity of the roof. At the same time, NS BlueScope has many other solutions to cooperate and share valuable experiences with contractors, agents, and distribution chains to add value to customers.

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