Zincalume Steel – Bluescope Steel Is Classified In The Electrolysis System

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  • Zincalume steel – BlueScope steel is classified in the electrolytic system, if based on the indicators and electrochemical tests when immersed in sea water?
  • In between zinc and aluminum. However, at first it behaves like a zinc surface, and after a long period of immersion in seawater, it behaves more like an aluminum surface. The performance of BlueScope’s
  • Zincalume steel depends on the nature of the medium, in this case seawater.
  • How does metal plating affect the thickness of the base steel?
  • The table below shows the standard thicknesses of different coatings:

Zincalume Steel Galvanized Steel (G.I.)

Plating layer Plating layer thickness Plating layer Plating layer thickness

AZ150 0.05mm Z100 0.02mm

Z180 0.03mm

Z200 0.03mm

Z275 0.04mm

Z450 0.07mm

Z600 0.09mm

Therefore, for BlueScope’s Zincalume AZ150 steel with a coating of 25 microns on each side, the total thickness after plating (TCT) is equal to the thickness of the base steel (BMT) plus 0.05mm. Note that the thickness of the base steel will determine the mechanical properties of the steel. BlueScope Steel products are sold on a base steel thickness basis (BMT/BST).

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