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Convincing the market with high technology

Vietnam’s steel sheet market has always been in a state of oversupply. Especially in the context that steel sheet from China is widely imported, cheap, even lower than the production cost of domestic enterprises. In the face of competitive pressure with imported goods, many steel sheet manufacturers have chosen the strategy of lowering cost as the main factor to compete.

Not following this trend, BlueScope chose for itself a strategy to target the high-quality product segment, compete with product quality and bring a lot of value to investors. This problem is identified as a spearhead on the basis of good control of production costs, application of modern technology, practical testing … so that consumers can buy products at the most reasonable prices. In addition to the specific advantages, BlueScope’s color coated steel and corrugated iron products always come with unique outstanding values.

For example, Clean Colobond® color-coated steel products are a global brand. In addition to the outstanding advantages of product features, the application of Thermatech® heat reflection technology helps Clean Colobond® color-coated steel reduce building roof temperatures by up to 6 degrees Celsius, saving 15 to 20% of energy and costs. operating costs for businesses, contributing to improving the urban heat island effect. Using this product also helps the project achieve LEED Green Building certification in the United States.

Or Bluescope Zacs colored cold-rolled roofing products for the residential market, thanks to the application of Eco-Cool technology, helps make the roof cooler by up to 5 degrees Celsius. Besides, Bluescope Zacs-colored cold-rolled roofing sheets also have many color options. In accordance with feng shui, the marble-patterned surface… gives the roof rich, beautiful and unique colors, meeting the increasingly high aesthetic requirements of customers.

Lysagh® Smartseam roofing system with FM Approved certification integrates many solutions such as: capable of increasing waterproofing efficiency thanks to wave height up to 75 mm; High waves combined with horizontal stiffening ribs reduce noise caused by wind and prevent distortion of corrugated iron sheets… making the project more sustainable, able to withstand harsh weather conditions with many storms. like in Vietnam.

Outstanding warranty and customer service

In addition to reasonable prices and high product quality, NS BlueScope builds a distribution channel system and professional product warranty policy. This is a point of difference, bringing many benefits to consumers compared to other brands.

If the product distribution process is not closed, it will create conditions for counterfeit and fake goods to enter and negatively affect the market. However, consumers do not have difficulty finding BlueScope products, because the Zacs store system is present nationwide through 50 authorized dealers and is constantly being opened. The Zacs Store system provides professional services, helping roofing sheets to be constructed according to proper techniques, ensuring roof longevity. Accordingly, the company’s professional technical team will advise, guide installation and promptly handle issues that customers reflect and request. In addition, NS BlueScope also continuously has solutions to share experience and provide technical guidance to the team of contractors and erectors so that they can master techniques in construction, maintenance, and warranty.

The warranty for BlueScope Vietnam products is considered optimal and superior to many similar products. For example, Clean Colobond® color coated steel is warranted for up to 30 years against puncture corrosion, up to 10 years warranty on paint durability and against chalking. BlueScope Zacs sheet has a warranty period of up to 10 years against puncture corrosion, a warranty against fading of up to 5 years, the only one in Vietnam for civil housing… Thanks to the application of our advanced product quality management system. BlueScope Australia Group and professional Zacs Store distribution system nationwide, BlueScope products in Vietnam are guaranteed to be managed and resolved if problems occur.

BlueScope’s outstanding warranty helps customers feel more secure when choosing products. At the same time, it is a specific and practical solution to protect the legitimate interests of consumers and help reduce long-term maintenance costs of the product.

more extensive. For successful integration and sustainable development, manufacturers are required to improve product quality and continuously improve technology to increase benefits for customers and create competitive advantages. Thoughtful investment in technology and maintaining brand reputation through value-oriented activities for consumers have been strictly followed by NS Bluescope Vietnam in every step. BlueScope Vietnam’s thoughtful approach and preparation is worth it for other businesses to apply.

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