The first flight at Noi Bai T2 terminal

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Guests taking a flight to Singapore this morning first checked in at terminal T2. After 3 years of construction, the most modern airport in Vietnam, with a capacity of 15 million passengers/year, officially opened.

At around 9:00 a.m., the first passengers stepped into terminal T2 of Noi Bai airport to depart for the Hanoi – Singapore flight at 10:45 a.m. on the same day.\

Mr. Pham Viet Thanh – Chairman of the Board of Members of Vietnam Airlines Corporation, said that from December 31, all international flights to and from Noi Bai International Airport will officially operate at the new terminal. T2.

Vietnam Airlines’ operating area is located at the East end of terminal T2 near terminal T1. The baggage claim area for arriving flights and the lost baggage information counter are located in an easy-to-find location, quite convenient for guests.

The automatic elevator system operates smoothly to help passengers move conveniently. T2, with a total investment of 75.5 billion Yen, is considered the largest airport in Vietnam today.

VNA’s Class C lounge at Terminal T2 has a completely new design, inspired by many aspects of Vietnamese culture. “Noi Bai airport needs to pay attention to implementing well “4 please, 4 always”. This is the gateway for international visitors to Vietnam, so the welcoming attitude of airport staff must be warm and friendly, to make passengers truly feel satisfied,” said Minister of Transport Dinh La Thang. during the inspection trip before the opening of the station.

The relaxation room is equipped with 3 massage chairs, creating a comfortable space for guests.

The bulletin board appears with information about the first international flights of airlines to Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

Terminal T2 was built to solve the overload of terminal T1, creating a new look for Noi Bai international airport. The new station’s capacity reaches 10-15 million passengers/year.

The new terminal has been completely upgraded, synchronizing service quality from passenger reception, flight check-in, waiting room and boarding area.

All signs are clear to help passengers easily find areas and boarding gates.

The station has 96 check-in counters and 10 automatic check-in kiosks for guests, currency exchange services, tourist information, post office, department store, souvenir, food and beverage, and last-minute ticket counters. , business services, medical room are fully arranged.

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