NS Bluescope Increases ‘Quality’, Confronting Smuggled Steel Sheets

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Faced with the situation of poor quality pirated steel sheets spreading on the market at low prices, NS BlueScope does not compete on price but promotes adding added values, increasing the gap in superior quality to conquer customers. .

Consequences from unhealthy competition

According to data from the Vietnam Steel Association, in 2015 Vietnam imported 19.83 million tons of finished and semi-finished steel products, of which 9.6 million tons of finished products were imported from China, only galvanized steel from China accounted for 90%…

According to experts, there is currently a surplus of domestically produced steel sheets to supply the domestic market, but consumption and imports are equal, so steel sheet businesses are increasingly facing difficulties. More worryingly, if the import situation continues for a long time, it will be very difficult for domestic businesses to compete, leading to the risk of bankruptcy.

It is worth mentioning that imported products are mostly of poor quality, and many products show signs of trade fraud. For example, good quality colored corrugated iron will have many layers of plating, but Chinese products all have reduced plating layers to reduce costs. In particular, the provisions of the ASEAN-China FTA Agreement that by 2018, the alloy import tax will be 0% will be a huge advantage for China’s cheap steel…

First of all, consumers have to bear the consequences of using products of poor quality. Products, especially corrugated iron roofing, after a few years of use, become rusty, leak water… As a result, consumers have to spend money on repairs, or even have to completely replace the roofing, which is very expensive. least. Meanwhile, because it is a floating product, fake and imitation goods, there is no warranty. So, had to suffer the situation of “lost money, handicapped”, not knowing who to call.

For domestic steel sheet manufacturing enterprises, in order to compete on price with cheap imported products, businesses are forced to buy and use poor quality raw steel; Invest in cheap production lines, using outdated technology… Finished products, especially galvanized steel sheets, have reduced plating; Product quality is far lower than the company’s announced information. In addition, many small businesses, for profiteering, make imitation products of reputable brands but at lower prices, creating unfair competition in the market…

Actively integrating with quality and brand reputation

From the first days of presence in Vietnam more than 20 years ago, NS BlueScope, with world-class technology and quality, has gradually shaped the steel galvanizing industry. NS BlueScope’s zinc-aluminum plating formula, business models, BlueScope Zacs distribution system and international standard production management… are now the market standard.

NS BlueScope’s method of maintaining its leading position is to constantly increase added value for customers, increasing the gap in superior quality with competitors, not competing with low prices and reducing product quality. .

For example, Clean Colorbond® coated steel is a global trademark of BlueScope. From the first day of its presence in Vietnam, Clean Colorbond® steel has always been affirmed as a premium quality product in the market.

In order to contribute to adding value to green building certificated customers, NS BlueScope has introduced to the market the Clean Colorbond® coated steel product that uses Thermatech® heat reflector technology to increase heat reflectivity and reduce heat loss. roof temperature up to 6 degrees Celsius, thus helping to reduce power consumption to help cool the building. This product contributes to helping the building meet the US LEED green building standards.

The BlueScope Lysaght® Smartseam® roofing system solution is another example where NS BlueScope brings added value to customers. This solution has the ability to increase waterproofing efficiency thanks to a wave height of up to 75mm. This roofing system with special advanced joints effectively supports the drainage process and reduces pressure on the roof.

In addition, this roofing system expands when the environmental temperature changes, avoiding deformation of corrugated iron sheets, firmly connecting the roof, protecting the building in all weather conditions. These advantages increase durability and absolutely prevent common problems with corrugated iron roofs. Furthermore, this solution has achieved the FM Approved certificate – a certificate recognized by insurance companies that the project quality meets the requirements for much lower insurance premiums than projects that do not use FM Approved products.

In the current context, NS BlueScope’s meticulous calculation of product value, combined with technological strengths and management systems, brings competitive strength, affirming its pioneering position in the Vietnamese market. At the same time, it shows the initiative and confidence of businesses in Vietnam to integrate more and more deeply into the regional and world economy.

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