Ho Chi Minh City had nearly 700 ‘frozen’ housing projects in 2014

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Liquidity improved, goods were released to the market more abundantly, but in 2014, Ho Chi Minh City still had 689 projects suspending investment and construction, accounting for nearly half of housing projects.

According to the 2014 market survey results announced by the Ho Chi Minh City Real Estate Association (HoREA), this year the city has about 1,403 housing development projects, of which 426 cases were completed and put into use ( accounting for 30.36%). As of December 2014, Ho Chi Minh City had 201 projects under construction (accounting for 14.32%), 689 projects were suspending construction investment (accounting for 49.1%). In the “red light” group, Saigon had 85 cases of investment policies revoked or canceled (accounting for 6.05%).

Among the ongoing projects, there are 40 high-end housing projects (5.9%), 483 average housing projects (71.34%), 46 housing projects for low-income people ( 6.79%) and 108 housing projects with unknown segments (15.95%).

In 2014, Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee reviewed 11 projects and approved the conversion of 8 commercial housing projects to social housing while restructuring large apartments into small and medium-sized apartments. The number before applying for conversion was 3,522 units, the number of apartments after conversion was 7,613 units.

City leaders have also reviewed 24 commercial housing projects applying to convert large apartments into small areas and have allowed to adjust the apartment structure of 9 qualified projects. Accordingly, from 4,736 large apartments were allowed to be divided into 6,122 small and medium apartments, increasing to 1,386 products.

According to HoREA, the overall real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City in 2014 showed signs of recovery. The number of transactions is increasing, the segment of small and medium-sized apartments (under 70 m2), reasonable selling prices (around 15 million VND per m2) and with a total selling price of around one billion VND continues to be the highlight. bright and growing steadily.

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