Does BlueScope’s Zincalume Steel keep its color well?

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Does TonBlueScope’s Zincalume Steel keep its color well?

  • Okay. Zincalume Steel – BlueScope steel discolors or tarnishes much more slowly than galvanized steel.

Can BlueScope’s Zincalume Steel withstand Acid environments?

  • Although Zincalume Steel – BlueScope Steel is more resistant to acidic environments than galvanized steel, it should also be avoided in such environments.

Is there any difference in hardness between hard galvanized steel (Full-Hard G.I.) and Zincalume G550 steel of BlueScope with the same thickness of base steel?


  • Zincalume steel – BlueScope steel is somewhat harder than galvanized steel thanks to the durability of the zinc-aluminum alloy coating.
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