Construction support truss collapsed in Ha Dong

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The cause was assessed at the initial preliminary level, through inspection and assessment due to the unsafe construction of beam number 7 in Ha Dong station area.

After the collapse of the scaffolding in the station area of ​​the Ha Dong – Cat Linh elevated railway project (right in front of Ha Dong bus station, in Mo Lao ward, Ha Dong district, Hanoi), the Ministry of Construction sent a work team. Cooperation of the State Inspection Department on the quality of construction works came to the scene and examined the cause of the accident.

VOV reporters interviewed Dr. Nguyen Chi Hieu, Deputy Director of the State Inspection Department for construction quality – Ministry of Construction.

Reporter: The inspection team of the Ministry of Construction came to examine the accident scene at Ha Dong station of the Cat Linh – Ha Dong elevated railway project. Can you give us your initial assessment of the cause of the accident?

Dr. Nguyen Chi Hieu: The cause was assessed at the initial preliminary level, through inspection and assessment, because the construction of cap beam No. 7 at Ha Dong station area was not guaranteed, leading to collapse during the construction process while it was in progress. concreting.

Reporter: Based on the initial conclusions about the cause of the incident, which unit will be responsible, sir?

Dr. Nguyen Chi Hieu: The Inspection Department has organized regular and irregular inspections of the quality management work of this project and has also regularly reminded the investor and project management board. project, contractors and related parties participating in the project to ensure absolute safety for the project.

For this to happen, first of all, the responsibility for organization and management belongs to the investor and the subjects participating in the project are also responsible. For any error in any part of the work, the entities involved in that part of the work must be responsible.

This is not the first time the Cat Linh – Ha Dong elevated railway project has had an accident. The Ministry of Construction will correct the work of ensuring safety at construction sites so that unfortunate events do not occur. coming out in the near future?

Dr. Nguyen Chi Hieu: To carry out any project, there are standards for implementation. The Ministry of Construction also issued National Technical Regulation No. 18-2014 on construction safety.

For specific projects in the inner city that are related to traffic, the investor and the entities participating in the project must take appropriate measures to organize labor safety and construction to ensure Ensure safety conditions according to issued standards.

Reporter: Thank you!./.

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