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With the trend of globalization and increased competitive pressure requiring businesses to operate more efficiently, sustainable architectural and construction solutions are not only found in the world, but increasingly developed in Vietnam. . BlueScope has accompanied that trend.

Outstanding solution for sustainable construction

Sustainable buildings are projects that are designed, built and operated in a way that minimizes impacts on the environment, rationally uses resources, and provides a good living and working environment for users. From a business perspective, green buildings not only bring benefits to the environment and public health, but also bring about a sustainable building, using raw materials and energy sources more effectively and sustainably. This is an opportunity to help businesses create a sustainable competitive advantage.

Cargill Binh Dinh factory is one of many projects across the country using BlueScope’s Clean Colorbond® steel products.

Even in Southeast Asia, green buildings are no longer a “should have” factor, but have become a competitive tool at a high-end level. Large corporations around the world have been racing to invest in green buildings to maintain this competitive advantage.

In Vietnam, green buildings are not a mandatory requirement, but environmental requirements and sustainable production efficiency comply with green building standards in some industries such as garments, footwear, and office buildings. Hotels are gradually becoming a necessary condition for customers and markets from North America and Europe.

Keeping up with this trend, over the past 20 years, BlueScope has opened a new path in improving steel applications by launching the new Clean Colorbond® steel product line, using Thermatech® heat reflection technology, help this business make great progress in technology in the construction industry.

Technically, Clean Colorbond® is a green product, because it helps significantly improve solar reflectivity. According to many construction experts, using Clean Colorbond® is considered a good solution for green construction, because the product has superior properties such as helping to reduce roof temperature, saving up to 15-20% of energy. volume and operating costs, contributing to improving the urban heat island effect.

Notably, a very important factor is that Clean Colorbond® has contributed to helping many projects achieve LEED (Green Building Leadership) green building certification, because Clean Colorbond® Thermatech® meets green criteria for materials according to LEED standards – are considered the world’s most prestigious and influential set of standards for evaluating green buildings, issued by the US Green Building Council (USGBC – USA).

Being LEED certified means that the building is designed and built according to standards aimed at improving performance, combined with standards for energy saving, drainage efficiency, and air pollution reduction. CO2 emissions, improving the quality of living environment and the ability to manage resources. This is not only an international certification, but also a solution that benefits businesses.


Produced by local manufacturers to reduce carbon emissions, Clean Colorbond® is used in many projects across the country such as PepsiCo Dong Nai, Cargill factories in Vietnam such as Cargill Binh Dinh, Dong Thap , Binh Dien wholesale market, Chu Lai Truong Hai factory (Thaco).

In order to contribute to promoting the development trend for a sustainable future, last weekend, in Ho Chi Minh City, NS BlueScope Vietnam organized a customer appreciation session and honored projects with sustainable value with the theme titled “Vision for building a sustainable future”.

With the theme of the ceremony, NS BlueScope Vietnam once again raised a vision of sustainable construction as an opportunity for businesses, creating a proactive position in the integration trend. To build a sustainable project, it is indispensable for the determination of the investor, the design and material solutions of the architect and the consensus of the construction contractor.

It is also important that sustainable quality materials that meet green criteria are available. It is also the story of many projects that have been built using Clean Colorbond® Thermatech® coated steel.

Commenting on the quality and reputation of Clean Colorbond®, a representative of SATRA Company, the investor of Binh Dien wholesale market (HCMC) said: “The impression of Colorbond® products on us is is the aesthetics, the installation details are very sharp. Colorbond® is very environmentally friendly. In addition, the project warranty commitments of a large corporation like BlueScope always make us investors feel secure and confident when using these products.”

Sharing the same opinion, a representative of Truong Hai Auto Company in Chu Lai also said that Clean Colorbond® has helped this company significantly save energy use and operating costs.

“From the first day of construction until now, the Company has used BlueScope products. The climate in the Central region is stormy, BlueScope’s corrugated iron products are highly durable, have a very good resin layer, are very secure and suitable for the Central climate. Even though it has been used for many years, the color is still well kept and can withstand the storms of the Central region,” said a representative of this company.

According to Mr. Nguyen Van Tat, Vice President of Ho Chi Minh City Architects Association, the role of environmentally friendly material suppliers is of particular importance in green architecture standards. “BlueScope is a prime example. This company has continuously researched and launched many environmentally friendly products, especially Clean Colorbond® color-coated steel products. This product excels in helping buildings save significant energy and help regulate the air in the building,” Mr. Tat said.

At the above ceremony, Mr. Vo Minh Nhut, General Director of NS BlueScope Vietnam Company, said that according to the World Health Organization, every year in the world about 150,000 people die because of climate change. The number of annual cyclonic storms has doubled due to an increase in surface sea temperature. Only 8% of the world’s energy sources are produced by clean energy sources, 92% of energy is generated from fossil fuels.

Mr. Nhut also said that 20 years ago, a group of 12-year-old children traveled more than 8,000 km at their own expense to attend the United Nations environmental conference and silenced the world for 6 minutes just to make a statement. message: “We came here for no other purpose than to fight for our own future”.

“Through the theme of vision of building a sustainable future, we want to remind and call on engineers and architects to contribute with their abilities and opportunities to further develop the future. green buildings in Vietnam, to build a better future for Vietnam and a brighter future for our children,” he said.

Also at the ceremony, Mr. Sean Riley, Deputy Consulate General of Australia in Ho Chi Minh City, said that, according to statistics from the Vietnamese Government, Australia ranked 19th in terms of foreign direct investment (FDI) in Vietnam, with a total investment capital of 1.65 billion USD for about 320 Australian investment projects.

According to Mr. Sean Riley, the number of projects may be accurate, but he believes that the total disbursed capital of the projects is larger than the registered capital. According to estimates by the Australian Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City, Australia’s total FDI capital into Vietnam is about 3 billion USD.

“Since you are all experts in this field, I am sure that you will gain more benefits through this event. And I believe that Australia’s green and sustainable building industry, including big names like BlueScope, is an ideal partner in supporting the construction of sustainable buildings in Vietnam,” Mr. Sean Riley added.

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