Bluescope Ton Supports Vietnamese Businesses ‘Welcoming the Wave’ Tpp

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As a corporation specializing in manufacturing and trading corrugated iron and color-coated steel products, BlueScope consults and provides solutions to help textile, garment and footwear factories achieve green building certification, increasing competitiveness when entering TPP integration.

Great opportunity from TPP

According to calculations by independent economic experts, TPP will bring many benefits to Vietnam. Especially, in economic terms, TPP will help Vietnam’s GDP increase by 23.5 billion USD in 2020 and 33.5 billion USD in 2025.

Exports will increase by USD 68 billion by 2025. Notably, the reduction of import tax by major markets such as the United States, Japan and Canada to 0% will help create a big “bump” for operations. crab export in our country. Important export industries, such as textiles and garments, footwear, seafood… are likely to have a great growth in export turnover to these markets.

In addition, participating in TPP will help Vietnam gain new opportunities from the new supply chain formed after TPP takes effect. TPP countries account for 40% of GDP and 30% of global trade, including large markets such as the United States and Japan, which will certainly open up many opportunities when new supply chains are formed.

In addition, commitments in TPP on services and investment are expected to have a positive effect in improving the investment environment, contributing to attracting foreign investment capital…

According to research by the Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE), after the TPP is signed, Vietnam will be the country with the strongest increase in income and exports among the 12 TPP countries. Meanwhile, countries that do not participate in TPP will suffer losses due to trade diversion.

Take advantage of opportunities from sustainable development

For the textile and garment and footwear industries, the opportunity when joining the TPP is huge, in which, the sustainable development factor is a prerequisite to help businesses actively take advantage of opportunities and build a solid competitive foundation. In fact, for major purchasing partners in the textile and footwear industry, such as Nike and Addidas, sustainability is an important factor in supplier selection or development.

However, from the perspective of textile and footwear enterprises in the integration trend, sustainable production is not only a must-do but actually has economic benefits and increases long-term competitiveness. To take advantage of this opportunity, green building is really an effective tool for textile and footwear enterprises to achieve sustainable production targets, meet partners’ requirements and benefit from long-term efficiency. .

First of all, green buildings are designed according to very strict energy and water saving criteria, leading to a significant reduction in operating costs. In the long term, green buildings will reduce the risk of operating costs as electricity and water prices have both tended and increased continuously in recent times.

In addition, green buildings also bring investors many long-term benefits that are difficult to measure. It can be mentioned that the health of employees is ensured, thereby the labor productivity is higher and the employees stick around longer. In addition, the investor also builds a good brand and image to the public by contributing to environmental protection very practically by investing in green buildings…

As the world’s leading steel sheet manufacturing corporation and having more than 20 years of companionship with Vietnam, BlueScope is not an environmental expert or green building consultant. However, many of BlueScope’s customers are textile, garment and footwear businesses. And, helping customers enjoy many values ​​from green buildings is also consistent with BlueScope’s commitment to sustainable development with Vietnam.

Therefore, even before the TPP was officially signed, through long-term relationships and cooperation with design consulting partners, construction companies and reputable green building consultants in Vietnam, BlueScope has advised Consulting and providing solutions to help textile, garment and footwear factories achieve green building certification. In fact, there have been many textile factories that, after using BlueScope’s product solutions, have qualified to export large orders to demanding markets such as the United States, Europe…

Recognizing that green building is a necessary tool for customers, BlueScope is perfecting a synchronous solution to help customers take advantage of TPP opportunities, turning the benefits of green building – benefits that until now still seem invisible. vague in the eyes of some investors – into practical benefits.

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