Why does Bluescope’s Zincalume Steel have a smoother surface?

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Why does BlueScope’s Zincalume steel have a smoother surface than galvanized steel and why does this product have a Matt finish?

The appearance and appearance of Zincalume steel is due to the inherent properties of the coating composition and plating process of this product.

What is the anti-corrosion protection mechanism of BlueScope’s Zincalume coating?

The plating layer on the Zincalume steel surface of BlueScope Steel Sheet is an aluminum-zinc alloy, in which the zinc-rich area accounts for 20% and the aluminum-rich area accounts for 80%. During the initial period of exposure to the environment, corrosion occurs in the areas. Zinc-rich areas of the coating, these areas are spread evenly on the product surface. Gradually, the corrosion of zinc and aluminum creates a tightly adherent protective layer in the zinc-rich area, which will control the corrosion rate at the most suitable level to perform the protective function. After a long time, when the zinc-rich zone disappears or is inhibited by the corrosion process, then the aluminum-rich zone will corrode at a slower rate and continue to protect the underlying steel.

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