Bluescope Corrugated Steel – Color-Coated Steel for Harsh Environments

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BlueScope corrugated iron – Color-coated steel for harsh environments

Using BlueScope Steel’s specialized color-plated steel for harsh environments helps businesses save maintenance costs and improve the life of materials and construction works.

Despite being a highly durable covering material, color coated steel is still damaged over time by aggressive environmental conditions, especially in harsh, highly corrosive areas. The rate and extent of damage of colored steel depends on the surrounding environment, the salt content in the atmosphere as well as the quality of the steel.

Note when choosing color-coated steel for harsh environments

In the long term, the environment’s aggressive state can cause damage and reduce the life of construction materials and structures, including colored steel used for roofs and walls. The state of rust, damage or fading of paint on materials will happen faster if the construction works in harsh environments such as industrial environments that generate acid vapors from factories, textile dyeing, tanning factories, etc. rubber, ceramic tiles and coastal areas have high salt content.

There have been many constructions in this environment that have deteriorated rapidly, reducing their lifespan, consuming a lot of maintenance costs, affecting production and business when replacing or repairing. The main reason is because the contractor did not choose the right color-coated steel specifically for highly corrosive environments. Many people are not fully advised or cut down on investment for the roofing steel part, so they choose ordinary steel instead of specially manufactured color coated steel, which leads to the material being quickly damaged, leaking, and having to be replaced frequently. custom.

Therefore, to achieve long-term economic efficiency, ensure the covering function, and protect sustainable structures in highly corrosive conditions in industrial parks and coastal areas, investors need to choose the right type of color-coated steel. specialized. These are quality, highly durable products with thick aluminum-zinc alloy plating to resist corrosion from sea salt and acid vapor. In addition, practical tests in many different harsh environmental conditions are also important factors to ensure product quality.

Specialized products for harsh environments

With each m2 of double-sided steel having up to 200 grams of zinc-aluminum alloy plating, Clean Colorbond Ultra AZ200 is a product specifically manufactured for highly corrosive environments. The product also has a passivation primer that slows down the corrosion process on corrugated iron and steel surfaces; has resistance strength and corrosion resistance many times higher than ordinary steel. In fact, projects using Clean Colorbond Ultra AZ200 premium color-coated steel often have a lifespan three or four times longer than conventional products when used in the same highly corrosive environmental conditions containing acid vapor. industrial or coastal areas. At the Labuan Jetty project, Malaysia, the product was advised by BlueScope for use in highly corrosive marine environments. After more than 10 years, the Clean Colorbond Ultra AZ200 roofing sheet has no rust and still retains its original color.

In addition, Clean Colorbond Ultra AZ200 color-coated steel also has a flexible warranty policy from BlueScope, a world-famous construction materials manufacturer, including anti-corrosion and anti-puncture products for up to 30 years; Warranty against peeling and fading of the paint layer for up to 10 years and warranty for 5 years against dust, based on 100% actual test results in harsh environments. The warranty period will be specifically committed depending on the project location and the level of corrosion in each different environment. This is considered the optimal choice for investors.

Manufactured since 1966, Clean Colorbond Ultra AZ200 color-coated steel has undergone many improvements over nearly 50 years to withstand increasingly harsh environments at BlueScope’s Research Center, Australia. Experts have used many modern simulation testing methods to initially verify product features such as salt spray method to test corrosion resistance, QUV to test color fastness…

BlueScope also conducts actual sampling at more than 29 sampling stations in Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asian countries to test product durability through different environmental and climatic conditions such as Bellambi Point station to verify the ability corrosion resistance in the marine environment; Rockhampton station to test color fastness or Singapore station to test dust resistance.

Actual tests have shown that the product has no rust phenomenon after many years in highly corrosive marine environments. Not only does it confirm superior technology through tests in many harsh climatic conditions, the product also proves its durable quality over time in real projects.

Color-coated steel specialized for harsh environments produced from NS BlueScope also uses advanced paint technology to limit color fading, the ability to protect the paint layer from cracking against the destructive effects of UV rays, acid vapor or “Clean” technology prevents dust and stains caused by dust… These important advantages help Clean Colorbond Ultra AZ200 become a reliable product chosen by many investors when constructing projects in harsh conditions. harsh environmental conditions. The product meets essential requirements: has high longevity and color fastness, limits damage, rust, corrosion and punctures after long periods of use and has a thoughtful and flexible warranty policy.

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