LYSAGHT ® ZINC HI-TEN Z & C are roll-formed from hot-dipped Zinc-coated hight tensile BlueScope Steel strip conformed to AS 1397 G450Z275. LYSAGHT ® ZINC HI-TEN Z & C section are cut and pre-punched to customer’s requirements in any transportable length


LYSAGHT Zed sections
LYSAGHT Zed sections fearure one broad and one narrow flange sized so that two sections of the same size fit toghether snugly, making them suitable for lapping
Continuos lengths of purlin result in better economy, but lapping provides two thickness ot metal over interious supports. Lapping increases the strength of the sections where bending moments and shear are at a maximum, thus omproving the load capality and rigidity of the system.
LYSAGHT Zed sections may be used over simple pans. For shoter pans thay may be used continuously over two or more spans – but it does not give the strength of a fully lapped system.
LASAGHT CEE sections
LASAGHT CEE sections have equal flanges and are suitable for simply supported spans. For shorter spans they may be used continuously over two or more spans whith the end butted, thus producing reduced deflection compared with simple pans. C purlin can not be lapped.



•    Wide spanning ability

LYSAGHT ® PURLIN  and Girts are made from Zinc -  coated high tensile steel 450Mpa which permits wide spanning ability while ensuring acceptable deflection.


•    Simple and low cost fixing
Cut to length and hole pre-punched LYSAGHT ® PURLIN can be bridged easily and exactly into place. High tensile galvanized steel brings light weight roof and ensuring hight load capacity which saves costs of the building’s foundation.


•    Long last beauty – low mainternance cost
LYSAGHT ® PURLIN and Girts are manufactured from galvanized steel which have a high corrosion resistance, give you a low mainternance cost and many years of trouble-free use.


•    Wide range of section depth & thickness
LYSAGHT ® PURLIN and Girts with section depth of 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350 and 400, thickness from 1.2mm to 3.0mm are available to meet various requirement.


•    Testing
Load capacities LYSAGHT ® PURLIN and Girts were confirmed through calculation and test in BlueScope Autralia NATA  registerd testing laboratory


•    Full range of accessories
We provide all categories of accessories such as Zinc – coated bridging system, cleat, bolt, that ensures material compatibility, bringing a long life to the buildings.

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