Lysaght® ceidek®

LYSAGHT® CEIDEK®  steel sheet is prees-braked from Apex steel & Zacs steel conforming to AS1397 and TCVN 7471. It provides excellent resistance to discoloration, brings along lasting beauty to your project.


• Aesthetic appearance flexible design

CEIDEK® is designed with hidden ribs to perform as an attractive flat ceiling. Each panel has a 150mm cover width and can easily accommodate standard neon lights, air conditioning, vent, ect. 


• Wide range of colors
The various colors Apex® Steel could your entire decoration & design requirement.


• Easy to install and remove
CEIDEK® panel with 150mm width and designed length will be lowered into place and easily aligned without special skiills.

• Cleanable 
CEIDEK® is make from steel wich could be cleanable and bring long lasting and beauty ceiling system.


• Light weight system
Made from high tensile steel, CEIDEK® with light weight will save cost of building structure.

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