Tole BlueScope Lysaght® zipdek®

Tole BlueScope LySaght ZIPDEK® profile is a high-ribbed standing seam architectural roofing profile that mechanically field-seamed surpassed weather tightness and resistance to wind uplift

A concealed-fixed roofing profile, it versatility allows it to be used on straght, tapered. Convex and concaved roof form. Its hight-ribbed profile provided excellent rain water drainage capacity

Tole BlueScope LySaght ZIPDEK® profile can be used as a single or double skin roof system depending on the ascoustic requirements of the building. it lightweight design is available in wide range of widths and lengths of up to 12000mm and can be rolled on site
Maximum length are available as per on site rolling
•    Typical applications
Ideal for modern building facades and imaginative foof landscapes. It is suitable for large commercial, institutional and intrastructural roofing that require large roof spans

•    Benefits
Lightweight to strength ratio
Structural roofing strength
Excellent rain water drainage capacity
Large spans can be bridged with a variety of shapes
Can be used as a single skin roof



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