Lysaght bondek II

LYSAGHT BONDEK®  is a high Aluminum – Zinc G550-AZ150 coated steel decking wich acts as both permanent formwork and positive tensile reinforcing system in one way reinforced concrete slab structural. 

This form of construction is suitable for concrete floor slabs in domestic, commercial and industrial buildings. LYSAGHT BONDEK® can also be used as a base for build up roofing  

LYSAGHT BONDEK® panels are formed in unit width 300mm  with 50mm high triangular shaped ribs for excellent bonding with concrete. 


•    Material
LYSAGHT BONDEK®  panels are formed from 1.0mm thick Aluminum – Zinc G550-AZ150 coat manufactured to Australian Standard AS 1397 - G550AZ150. High strength BlueScope have a minimum yield stress is 550Mpa and Aluminum – Zinc average grade of at least 150g / m2 as determined by the triple spot test specified in AS 1397 


•    Features 

  • Replace all positive reinforcement. The triangular ribs of LYSAGHT BONDEK® are mechanically & chemically bonded into the concrete slab and the entire panel becomes positive tensial reinforcement for the slab. 
  • Eliminates  formwork: LYSAGHT BONDEK® provides permanent formwork as well as the positive reinforcement. No erection, removal, handling or storage timber formwork is required. 
  • Fast construction: LYSAGHT BONDEK®  panels cover large areas quickly to form a safe working platform and provide immediate  weather and safety cover to the floor below. 
  • Simple construction: No specialised skills are required toinstall LYSAGHT BONDEK®, Instalation is a natural adjunct to skills of building site general workers. 


  • Reduce propping requirement: the use of  LYSAGHT BONDEK® necessitates for less temporary proping than for conventional formwork, thus enabling much better access to the floor below. Spans up to 2530mm cam be achieved without any propping. 
  • Suitable for most ceiling finishes: the flat underside of LYSAGHT BONDEK®  panels provides an excellent industrial ceiling finish.  It can be readily painted if decoration is required. Ceiling tiles can be appied with adhesive if required and can be trowelled or sprayed on. 
  • Corrosion protection: LYSAGHT BONDEK®  panels are structural member and should be protected from any influences which could be lead to a reduction in their structure performance. BlueScope LySaght use steel coated Aluminum – Zinc G550-AZ150.  However, if the underside of the LYSAGHT BONDEK® is exposed to more than benign chemical attack, is close to a salt marine location or porous concrete is used, the specifier should consult with us for specialised advice. 
  • Link belt with eight LYSAGHT BONDEK®  and valances blocked off by galvanized self-drilling screws 


•    Production 

  • Lengths are produced to customer requirements up to a maximum of 6750mm. The length tolerance is 0, -5mm. 


•    Installation 

  • LYSAGHT BONDEK® panels laid end to end on a common support should be aligned butted together. Where it is desired to prevent concrete seeping between the ends of abutting panels, the joints can be sealed with wateroof tape. 
  • At end supports a minimum bearing of 50mm should be allowed. This will also minimize concrete seepage,  but ideally the ends should about the stope board. 
  • The LYSAGHT BONDEK®  should be welded, explosive charge fixed, screws or nailed, depending on whether fixing to steel, concrete or masonry with one fasteningadiacent to the female rib per each sheet end. When sheets are used to also fasten at the intermediate support for safety, before concrete is poured. 
  • Slie  laps should be joined with hexagonal  zinc coated self drilling fasteners No 12-24x20mm at sheet ends, at mid span for spans up to 1800mm and at 3 point for spans up to 3600mm. With spans greater than 3600mm side lap fasteners should be used every 1200mm. 
  • Stop boards and edge forms are available from BlueScope, product from 1.0mm thick Aluminum – Zinc G550-AZ150 steel.

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