Terrace roof solutions

All frames are manufactured from high tensile 450Mpa, galvanized Zin Hi-ten Z275;  &  550Mpa , Aluminum – Zinc coated  AZ150 steel bring lightweight requires a smaller foundations and is easy to install and hight corrosion resistance saves the cost of surface cleaning & painting

All components are supplied pre-punched, making intalation a breeze  and avoiding site welding, saving the intallation cost and time in terrace


•    RANBUILD™ provide the installation completely and optimum solutions through its automated design and proposal RDS system.

•    The primary load and combination shall be designed according to AS/NZS1170-2002 & TCVN 2737-1995
•    All structure steel section and connection plate member shall be designed accoding to AS/NZS 4600-2005

•    Claddings are Provides great aesrhetic appearance and high durability with ZINCALUME® & CLEAN CORLORBOND®


LYSAGHT® SPANDEK® OPTIMA™ is designed as strongly, actractive product for commercial and industrial works as first. But then, LYSAGHT® SPANDEK® OPTIMA™ also appropriate for public works, house,...  build up the abundant application and eye-catching style.     


High quality materials - ZINCALUME® and the clean COLORBOND® G550, AZ150, with minimum four times the life longer of conventional galvanized steel in the same environment (AZ150 vs Z275).
The strength, wider spanning ability, lightness and rigidity means wide support spacing can be used with safety.     


LYSAGHT KLIP-LOK® 406 is designed to have a locked-action rib for possitive concealed clip fixing. Its smart fluted pans, locked-action rib design and concaeled fastening allow multiple effective usage on applications such as low-pitched roofs, vertical as well as horizontal ribbed walling.     


LYSAGHT®KLIP-LOK® OPTIMA™ is the new generation of high-strength cladding with the patented transverse fluting that spans wider and offers better uplift performance than other comparable profiles.



LYSAGHT® MULTICLAD™ is a wall cladding with a wider span, which makes insatallation easier and even more economical. So It provides versatile and aesthetic walling solutions for all types of building.     



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